Saturday, July 23, 2011

New business/ Sewing Patterns for Curvy Figures

I had an idea about 5 years ago to make clothes for Different Female Body Types. However I soon found out that it was too expensive and I ran out of money.I decided to try again a few months ago but I changed my mind and decided it would be cheaper to make Sewing Patterns for the Different female body types. My goal is to have the website up by August 1st.  I have so much to do I am going to be very busy getting it all done. I still have to draw pictures of Female Body Types, illustrate my Sewing Patterns, Test a few of my finished Patterns. Send them to my mother, grandmother and a few of my friends so they can Sew and test them and see if the Sewing Patterns fit their lovely Female Body Types.  I do have about 3 Patterns that are ready, but the list of what I have to do goes on so long.
    Let me expand more for you what my Sewing Pattern idea is. I have always found it time consuming to have to alter every Pattern I buy to fit my Curves. I have an extreme Hourglass Figure and so nothing fits without heavy alteration if I make it from a traditional pattern.  I have to go down 3 sizes on the waist and up 2 on the bust and hips and it tends to take a very long time. I get very excited and want to just wear what I am making, but I am also  perfectionist when it comes to how my Sewing Projects turn out. I have been Sewing my clothes, designing my own patterns and custom Sewing clothes for people who also find it hard to find clothes that fit well.
My Sewing Pattern designs are going to be for women who whether they have a Diamond Body Type, Ruler Body Type or an Hourglass Body Type it will be easier to fit the Sewing Patterns to their body types.
I also want to make my  Sewing patterns so easy to use that even someone who has never picked up a needle and thread in their life would be able to make a beautiful creation form my Patterns in a matter of a few short hours. These Sewing Patterns would require minimal fitting and would Sew up very quickly.

I would love to here any suggestions you have or any questions you want to ask me. I would love to here about any Sewing or Fitting issues that you have experienced, maybe I can help.


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